Find All References

Find All References window lists all the occurances of a symbol. In case the reference is not sure, e.g. it is a part of a dynamic call or it is a part of a callback specified as a string, the occurance is grayed.

The feature also looks in string values to match for function names or string parameters of define() or constant() to match for global constant names. Types and parameters within PHPDoc comments are also matched.

Note: To improve finding of a class member references, use type hints or PHPDoc type hints. This helps the editor to resolve types more precisely.

Find All References

Using Find All References

Navigate keyboard cursor at a symbol like function name, variable, class name etc., and either press Shift+F12 or right click the symbol and choose Find All References. If references can be resolved, window with the resulting list is displayed, together with each occurance location and text of the containing line.