Signature Helper

The signature help window assists with filling in function parameters. It pops up when the user enters an opening parenthesis ( or a comma , within a known function call.

Signature help

The help window shows function's header, its parameters and default values.

Methods overloads

In case there are more possible function overloads (since some of non-user PHP functions can be called with a different combination of parameters) the help window lists all the possible signatures. The help window shows a number of possible overloads. Keys up and down change the currently shown signature.


The signature help is shown for constructors as well, after new <class name> construct.


The help window lists all the parameters and highlights the one that is currently being edited (according to actual caret location).

All the parameters are denotated with their names and potential default values, parameters with defined default values are optional. A full description is shown for the currently edited parameter.