Project Events

An important part of the project work flow is automatization. Events project property page allows to customize actions triggered upon certain events. The page can be opened in Project/Properties:

project events

The following triggers are available to choose from:

  • Project Opened gets triggered when a project is opened in Visual Studio.
  • Before Publish is called before publish (i.e. upload pending changes) gets started.
  • After Publish gets called after the publish.
  • After Clean is triggered by Project / Clean command.
  • Files Changed happens when a file is modified both inside or outside Visual Studio.
  • File Saved is triggered by saving a file inside Visual Studio.

Creating or editing events looks like the following dialog. The sample below shows the action Custom Command triggered upon Files Changed event:

project event UI


Each event can trigger an action.


Publish uploads pending changes using selected remote profile. In case of File Saved trigger, only the specific saved file gets uploaded.

Details of the upload process is logged into Output tool window, under the Publish category.

Custom Command

Custom Command allows to enter a custom command line commands (script). The script has path to the project's php.exe (selected in Application project property page) in its %PATH% environmental variable.

Current working directory (cwd) is set to the project root directory.

Optionally, the script can use variables in the format ${name} which will be replaced with the corresponding value.

Variable Value
${ProjectDir} full directory path of the project, ending with \.
${ProjectName} the project name.
${ProjectUrl} the Web Project URL
${PhpExe} full path to php.exe selected in project properties. In case the project is set to Custom server, the variable is not defined.

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