PHPDoc Completion

PHPDoc block is completed by typing '/**'. This features requires you to enable Format On Type setting ("editor.formatOnType": true).

PHPDoc generation

PHPDoc tags are completed by typing '@' inside the PHPDoc block.

PHPDoc code completion

PHPDoc Generation

The PHPDoc block is generated automatically by typing '/**' above the following constructs:

  • function
  • class
  • namespace
  • properties
  • constants

The generated PHPDoc block contains inferred types, exceptions, and lists function parameters.

PHPDoc Type Hints

Type hints within PHPDoc comments are analyzed and used for purposes of code completion and type analysis. See the sample below for type hinting the parameter $x of function foo. For more details on code completion see completion documentation.


 * @param array|bool $x The parameter description.
function foo($x) {

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