The extension is installed through the Visual Studio Code' Extensions window.

  • Navigate to Extensions view (View / Extensions)
  • Search for "PHP Tools"
  • Install the extension, and eventually reload your VS Code window.

phptools install vscode

After the successful installation, please activate your copy of PHP Tools.

Offline installation

Download the .vsix installation file from Visual Studio Marketplace. The installation file has to be installed using the Visual Studio Code' Command palette, using the command Extensions: Install from VSIX.

Pre-Release Installation

PHP Tools are released in a Stable and Pre-Release version. By default, the stable version is installed. The Pre-Release versions are updated more frequently, containing the most recent fixes and new features.

php for vscode pre-release

Navigate to the Extensions view, choose PHP Tools, and click Install. In case, there is a Pre-Release version available, Install Pre-Release Version will appear.

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