Getting started

Welcome to PHP Tools for Visual Studio Code. This extension turns your Visual Studio Code into a powerfull PHP code editor, debugger and tester.

Product license

The product is licensed to our active subscribers. See the purchase page for more information. After the successful installation, you'll be prompted to enter your license key, or an option to obtain a 14-day trial key upon entering your e-mail.

After obtaining the license key, you need to activate the product. Open the Command Palette from the View menu and search for the command PHP Tools: Activate extension. Enter the license key into the pop-up window below and press Enter. Note: the activation process requires an Internet connection.

Enter License Key

Configuring PHP

The vast majority of the extension's features work out of the box. The debugger and test explorer functionalities require, however, a working installation of PHP together with Xdebug extension.

See configuration for more information.

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