Basic Installation

You will need to have Microsoft Visual Studio installed before installing PHP Tools. You can download the free Community version here or use any other Visual Studio version, except for Express versions, which are not supported.

If you already have Microsoft Visual Studio installed, you can jump directly to the Manage Extensions dialog and search for PHP Tools for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Extensions

Once downloaded, you'll be prompted to close Visual Studio. The package will be installed and Visual Studio configured for the PHP development. After starting Visual Studio next time, you can proceed to the product activation and get started.

If you woud like more detailed steps, please, continue reading.


In order to install PHP Tools for Visual Studio, you'll need:

  • Administrator access. Please ensure you can provide administrator access to your hard drive, because the installation package copies files to system's AppData. For Visual Studio 2010 up to 2015, you'll be queried to allow access to system's Program Files.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio. Install Microsoft Visual Studio. You can choose the Community edition, that is the free option, or any other Visual Studio´s supported editions, such as Professional, Enterprise or higher. Express editions are not supported.

Download and Installation

PHP Tools installation package can be downloaded from:

  • Visual Studio Marketplace - Choose PHP Tools edition according to the version of your Visual Studio.

  • - You can download any version or any update of PHP Tools for Visual Studio directly from our WebSite.

Instructions for Installation

  1. Close Visual Studio
  2. Run the installation package downloaded from any of the locations above
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Restart Visual Studio.

The software's installation package can also be used for an Offline Activation.


The product contains both 30-day trial and the full product. When the trial is over, you can activate the software using a purchased license key. Please see Product Activation for more details.


PHP Tools updates are checked automatically. Visual Studio will notify you about updates available. Please see Update Instructions for more information.