Installation Instructions

There are several ways of installing PHP Tools for Visual Studio. The user can choose any method they like. Please, note:

  • Administrator access is always required. Since version 1.16, PHP Tools is directly installed for all users.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio must be previously installed on your system, in order to be able to install PHP Tools. All editions of Visual Studio are supported except the Express ones. Instead of the free Express edition, you can download the free Visual Studio Community Edition.

  • To finish PHP Tools installation, close and restart Visual Studio.

  • After installation, access PHP Tools from within Visual Studio's IDE. The installation does not create any program groups, Start Menu items, or desktop shortcuts.

a) Download from the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery

Visual Studio Gallery

The .msi from the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery contains the latest stable version.

1) Download PHP Tools for Visual Studio


2) Run the setup package and follow the on-screen instructions

The .msi determines which IDEs are installed on your machine, and gives you the option of installing to all IDEs or only to a specific one.

MSI Installer

b) Download from

Download from Devsense

As well as Visual Studio's gallery, Devsense's Download Page contains the latest stable installer, the version archive and changelog.

1) Download PHP Tools for Visual Studio

You can download Stable or Preview versions from here. Preview versions are not production-ready. They are intended for testing purposes and/or to try upcoming features. All preview versions of the software must be used at your own risk, but any feedback you can give us is appreciated.

2) Run the package and follow the instructions

c) Visual Studio Extension Manager

Visual Studio Gallery

To download directly from Visual Studio Extension Manager:

1) Open your Visual Studio

2) Navigate to Tools | Extensions and Updates

3) Click Online Gallery and search for PHP Tools. Visual Studio will show you the available products

4) Download and install.

Note: you will have to close and restart Visual Studio to finish the installation.