Spell Checking

There are several Visual Studio extensions that support PHP Tools for Visual Studio. They make sure that your source code, including strings and comments, is spelt correctly.

For this purpose, we recommend to install VSSpellChecker, which can be downloaded from Visual Studio gallery https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/a23de100-31a1-405c-b4b7-d6be40c3dfff. Make sure you install at least version 2016.5.28.0, which is the first version to support PHP Tools for Visual Studio.

Fix a typo

When a misspelled word is detected, VSSpellChecker highlights the word and a smart tag is displayed with a set of possible corrections. You can accept some of those and the word will be automatically corrected. Or you can choose Ignore Once to ignore the word for this occurrence only, Ignore All to ignore it for all occurrences or Add to Dictionary. The extension then stops reporting the word.

Fix a typo

Change dictionary

The extension comes with different dictionaries for the main languages. You can change the dictionary in Tools | Spell Checker | Edit Global Configuration, In Global Dictionary section, choose the language you want and click Add. Press Ctrl + S, to save the configuration. Then you may need to reopen files so that the changed configuration takes effect.

More information

Detailed information about VSSpellChecker can be found on https://github.com/EWSoftware/VSSpellChecker/wiki.